Laura Hendry

Animator – Illustrator – Graphic Designer

I’m a professional artist with over a decade of experience as an in-house designer and freelancer. After graduating from the Southbank Institute of Technology in Brisbane (2004) with a Diploma in Visual Arts and Animation, my industry experience has lent me heavily towards graphic design, advertising, and visual marketing for retail.

Pink Syrup is my own personal label and themed portfolio. It’s also chance for me to do something fun for myself after years of designing for others. My work here is inspired by growing up in the 80s / 90s, as well as all things retro aesthetic, vaporwave, anime, cyberpunk and VHS-era nostalgia.

In my downtime I work under the pseudonym ‘Cera L. Hendry’ of CERA Studios and produce story-based projects, games, visual novels, comics and anime-style art. My other passions include traveling overseas and being an avid foodie.

For your regular dose of new-age nostalgia:


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